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7 Pin Line Male Motor Cable Connector
7 Pin Line Male Motor Cable Connector

Gold pinned, solder type connector

Product Code: 7PINLINEMM

Kupo PLS-4207 multiple connectors are often applied to combine chain hoist power and control cable as one. It makes a safe, compact and quick setup rigging. Two rugged die cast aluminum alloy half shells in black non-conductive finish for easy cable assembly. Hard gold plated contacts in soldering version and fully compatible with Socapax SL37 family. The extended female ground contacts allow making first / breaking last.

The standard line connectors come with 3 different size compression strain reliefs. Operating Temperature: -40 + 85℃.
Touch Tension: 2kgs     
Pressure: 1800 Vac/min
Terminal Wear: 5000 + Connections

Important Note:
There is no industry standard wiring for chain hoist using 7pin connector. Since mixing gear from different suppliers is a common practice, you should always double check the equipment and not assume the wiring is correct or has been changed. 7-pin connectors carry power and control together and there is a potential for harming the equipment or the operator if the wiring configuration is not confirmed.

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