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An exciting range of the most commonly used lighting colour filters
1.2 x 7.6Mtr rolls or by the meter

Lighting Filters

Total Color Control
Procolor is an exciting range of the most commonly used lighting
colour filters, including effects, correction, diffuser, cosmetic and
specialist reflectors - collectively covering the requirements of today’s
entertainment lighting designer.

Standard Range
The Procolor standard range of colour effects filters are produced from a
tough polymeric film, which is coated with a dyed lacquer to the highest standard of accuracy using
sophisticated computer management systems. All the way through the manufacturing process, the
filters are continually checked for colour consistency and quality control.
The formulae behind Procolor are designed to exploit the high fade resistance, colour saturation
and hue of individual dyes. This, together with the extended life of the component polymers, and fire
resistance, produces a range that gives the designer total colour control.

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