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GForce2 Smoke Machine
GForce2 Smoke Machine

The GForce 2 is the Mid-range model in the GForce range of water based smoke machines

Product Code: GFORCE2

Optional Remote Control (with 6m cable)
Variable Smoke ouptut.
Quieter Smoke Output Performance.
High Continuous Output Capability.
Dual processor circuitry with a digital multi feature control panel.
Includes a connection for use with the Freezefog Pro.
Optional connection for controlling fans up to 200W.
Built in DMX (5-pin connectors).
External fluid bottle, with 5L carrier, reducing space requirements.
Controls Smoke Output, Pre-Delay (Freezefog use), Fan Speed (Optional output), Time on, Pause time, DMX address, Options to bypass DMX address 2 & 3.
Separate Smoke On/Off.
Fluid consumption: 4cc/s Short duration burst, 1.5cc/s continuous.

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